Norwegian Getaway

Cruise Highlights

Listen to a montage of the best bits from the cruise…

GetawayCamera8large2016 has got off to an exciting start! January saw Adventures In Radio travelling to Rotterdam to take to the high seas for their first promotion onboard the Norwegian Cruise Line new luxurious ship; Norwegian Getaway. Seven radio stations from across the UK were invited to provide an exciting package of live interviews and radio broadcasts to promote the ship’s inaugural cruise and to demonstrate the extensive range of cruises Norwegian Cruise Line has available.
The promotion started on Tuesday 14th of January with four stations broadcasting from La Cucina; one of the 28 dining options available onboard Norwegian Getaway. The second broadcast followed on Wednesday 15th with a further three stations going live. This programming format enabled Adventures In Radio to host over 20 hours of live radio onboard the ship, along with some stations recording audio links as live. This meant that we were able to reach over a staggering two million listeners during the promotion. The radio stations ran features on air, as well as on their social media sites, which included photos and videos detailing all of the great facilities on offer onboard the ship.

Interviews were held during both days of the promotion with the ship’s crew and also members of the Norwegian Cruise Line management team, which were then featured live on air, or on podcasts on the radio station’s websites. The interviews gave Norwegian Cruise Line the opportunity to focus the broadcast on areas of their onboard service and cruise destinations that they specifically wanted to exhibit. For example, Julie Valeriote the Entertainment Director broadcast live with several stations to discuss the onboard shows and the ship’s Grammy Experience, where as Francis Riley the Vice President and General Manager International spoke about the range of European Cruises that Norwegian Cruise Line has on offer.

To make the broadcast even more attractive and exciting for listeners, each radio station ran a competition to win a holiday prize and gave one winner the chance to experience the grandeur of Norwegian Cruise Line first hand. By adding a competition element we were also able to supply the client with valuable data capture.
In addition to the live broadcast and the online features, the promotion was also made available to consumers in print via local publications. For example, IOW radio’s activity was reviewed in full after the broadcast in the Beacon magazine that is circulated around the island to over 65,000 homes. The feature included a full write up of the trip with photos showcasing the Norwegian Getaway and the fantastic experience offered onboard.
The promotion overall has been a massive success with Norwegian Cruise Line gaining invaluable exposure for the launch of the Norwegian Getaway and her sister ships. A fantastic start to the year for Adventures In Radio!


Adventure highlights

Hear the best bits from the broadcast in Tenerife…

In September Adventures In Radio escaped to the sunny isle of Tenerife to spend a weekend promoting the island’s most renowned tourist spots. Adventures In Radio organised the broadcast on behalf of British Airways and the Tenerife Tourism Corporation who are working in partnership to publicise flights from London Gatwick direct to the beautiful island of Tenerife.
Adventures In Radio invited five radio stations, with good audience profiles from the catchment area surrounding London Gatwick, to join our team on the broadcast in Tenerife. The promotion took place across the weekend of the 21st and 22nd of September and finished on the Monday with an exciting broadcast which featured all five stations hosting their breakfast shows live, simultaneously, from Tenerife’s famous Siam Water Park.
Excursions for the radio stations were organised and managed by Adventures In Radio and the Tenerife Tourism Corporation to provide the presenters with an opportunity to collect rare and exclusive material for their broadcasts. Stations pre-recorded a host of special features which included; wine tasting, star gazing on Spain’s highest mountain; Mount Teide and a Dolphin and Whale watching activity. This exciting programming is great for listeners and also supplies an abundance of photo and video footage that the stations can use to promote Tenerife via their social networking sites. To make the broadcast even more attractive to listeners, each radio stations ran an on air competition to win a 7 night holiday prize for 2 people to fly to Tenerife. The competition entries also provided British Airways and the Tenerife Tourism Corporation with valuable data capture.
During the breakfast show on Monday, each station held interviews with Ricardo Fernandez de la Puente the Deputy Minister of Tourism for the Canary Islands, Pia Louw from the Tenerife Tourism Corporation and Richard Hume from Hume Whitehead. The interviews gave the Tenerife Tourism Corporation an opportunity to highlight any key messages that they particularly wanted to portray back to the listeners in the UK.
The promotion has been a huge success for both British Airways and the Tenerife Tourism Corporation. It has provided a unique platform and enabled them to reach their target audiences and promote Tenerife using an exciting radio broadcast!